10 Reasons to Learn Violin in 2022!

10 Reasons to Learn Violin in 2022!
1. Learning to play the violin is a fantastic life-long skill
2. The violin is a wonderfully expressive and versatile instrument
3. It helps to build confidence, reduce stress and give you a sense of achievement
4. It improves your memory and attention span, and helps cognitive development
5. Develops excellent social skills through playing in orchestras and other chamber groups (duets, trios, quartets)
6. It improves mental health and function
7. It enables you to meet other violinists and parents, and perform for others (at our student concerts)
8. Breathing and posture is improved
9. It allows you to find new ways of expressing yourself
10. Most of all it’s simply a wonderful instrument (and easy to transport!)


If learning the violin is on your 2022 list then get in touch with us here or call Liv on 07751 036427 to book your free no-obligation trial lesson!
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