Chamber Music

Chamber Music

The ability to perform with fellow musicians is an incredibly rewarding experience no matter what your age or level. Any player who knows the chamber music repertoire will tell you that it contains some of the most sublime music ever written. The benefits of chamber music are endless, improving sight-reading, tone production, intonation, aural training…not to mention getting to know your colleagues and biscuit breaks!


For many beginners the ultimate music making goal is to make the transition from individual lessons to performing with an ensemble, may this be in string duos, trios or quartets. It is also a particularly worthwhile venture for those who have previously learned instruments and wish to build up their confidence in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.


We will do our best to put players of a similar age and experience together wherever possible. 


At present we can only coach pre-formed chamber music ensembles.  Please get in touch if you know of any viola players or cellists who would like to join in!



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