Injury prevention lessons

<h1>Injury prevention lessons</h1>

Many violinists encounter problems during their performing lives, often as a result of bad posture, long rehearsals or simply the wrong practise routine. We’ve had many students come to us over the years experiencing severe neck or wrist pain, with the only solution to stop playing altogether for a period of time.

With many years experience in giving injury prevention lessons, Liv-Marie has a wealth of experience on this subject. She has also recently developed a programme on this subject for Bath Spa University.  Lessons focus entirely on issues such as your posture, looking at your playing position in practising both standing up and sitting down, shoulder and chin rest issues, tension problems- to name just a few. She will also give you advice on support aids, your practise routine, warm up techniques and exercises. To find out more or book call Liv on 07751 036427.



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