Instrument care

Instrument care


How often should I get my violin looked over?

As long as you lightly dust /clean it after every use (with a duster/soft cloth only!) and change your strings when appropriate you shouldn’t have any serious problems. Remember that even the youngest Stradivari is nearly 300 years old! Your teacher should be able to advise if they notice any serious problems.


When should I get my bow rehaired?

Generally speaking, your bow should be re-haired every 6-8 months, but of course it varies depending on use. If you find you need to apply more and more rosin then it’s time for a re-hair! Don’t wait for all the hair to fall out either as it could warp the bow causing long-term damage.


When should I rosin my bow?

Once a day should be sufficient, but don’t apply too much as it can ‘strangle’ the sound.


What chin rest should I use?

Most importantly you should use a chin-rest that you find comfortable. There are so many to choose from that it’s best to try a few and see what works, but it’s advisable to consult your teacher while doing so.


What shoulder rest should I use?

As above, but remember that the shoulder should have freedom of movement so as not to become stiff.

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