Violins & Bows

Violins and Bows


Finding your instrument


Having the right instrument for your needs is undoubtedly an important part of learning the violin and one that is sadly overlooked. The most common mistake is to settle for a violin out of convenience rather than something that is appropriate for your needs.


A violin’s sound is one of the most important considerations when looking for your instrument, hopefully inspiring you to practice and increase your tonal range. It’s very difficult to progress as a violinist with an instrument which is simply not giving anything back in the sound you would like to achieve. For this reason I would urge you to be very careful before plunging into your pockets- a violin no matter what your standard is an investment for the future, and you don’t always need to spend over the odds either.


Should you wish to enquire about our wide selection of violins and bows for all abilities please don’t hesitate to ask!


Simon Kodurand

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